Habits and the Importance of Mindset

enjoy life

Our passion for sports and training began years before we had our own facility and equipment. It began on the fields, at the parks and in the high school weight rooms where we used to train clients. Our desire to see people succeed and reach their full potential was born on those fields and in those weight rooms. Our drive to be the best at what we do ran so deep that we volunteered our time for three years to learn what champions are made of. While volunteering at the University of Alabama, we watched a team go from barely finishing over 500 for the season to a team that won the national championship. We worked hard for no pay put in many hours under some of the best coaches in the business all so we could learn the process.

Now we believe we are best in the business, because we know the process. With us, young athletes learn how to effectively train and compete at a level they have not reached yet. We teach them to be disciplined to do things the right way – not only when pressure is high but also when pressure is low. On the field and off the field. We want our athletes to exude character and be a positive influence in their community, to have work ethic and give their best effort on a daily basis. Last but not least we teach our athletes about the power of having the right attitude, you must have the right attitude when the right opportunity comes and opportunity only knocks ever so often so you must be ready to answer. At JDPI we believe your attitude will take you as high or as low as you want to go…you must choose today!!


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