The Holidays, the Blues and All that Jazz

Holidays Season
The Holidays, the Blues and All that Jazz

This holiday season is now in full effect, whether we want it to be or not. For every one of us who welcomes the season with open arms, there is an equal number of us who find ourselves in the throes of the shuffle and struggle to come out in one piece.

Life throws out many, many curve balls. The fact that we’ve attempted to hit those balls, and ultimately “failed” at the attempt seems to be emphasized at this time of year. During a recent conversation with a friend who is in the middle of a very painful divorce, she described the holidays as a “slow, steady death of her spirit”. As I head toward the dissolution of my own 19-year marriage, I can see where she is coming from. Neither of us can claim the most tumultuous marriage, but clearly, we’re seeing the upcoming days from different perspectives.

Allowing circumstances, situations and other people to dictate your happiness, actions and reactions is commonplace. We all get caught up in the things going on around us. We can get caught up in and begin to believe what others think of us. Although this season tends to be the busiest of the year, it can also be a time of renewal, renovation and restoration. Thanksgiving is a time for just that – giving thanks. Regardless of the things going on around us, I believe we all have at least one thing to be thankful for. What is that one thing? Life. If you are alive and breathing, that means you have another chance to right a wrong, another

chance to forgive someone who has wronged you, another chance to seek the forgiveness you long for, a chance to start again. I realize that there many different things going on in life and it may seem impossible to push forward, but there will come a day when you must. Along with my upcoming divorce, I am also witnessing my mother’s rapid decline into dementia. Despite these things, I will enjoy the time I have with her as well as the time I have with my 17 year old son who will be headed to college in another state next year.

Enjoy the holidays and every day forthcoming. We’re only given a certain number of them and for the most part, we don’t know when ours are up.

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