There are hundreds of books about how to lose weight, and still more and more people struggle with too much body weight and diseases.  What is the Best diet for me?

Every person has a very unique metabolism and one diet will have different result with different people. Some people will lose weight on a low carbohydrate, high protein diet, whereas another person will gain weight on that diet however loose weight on a low fat and higher carbohydrate diet.

First step to a healthy life is to find out what Metabolic Type you are:

A Protein Type should eat:
40% Protein, 30% Fat 30% Carbohydrate
A Mixed Type should eat:
30% Protein, 20% Fat 50% Carbohydrate
A carbohydrate Type should eat:
25% Protein, 15% Fat 60% Carbohydrate

More detailed information can be found in Wollcotts’s book “The Metabolic Typing Diet” or I can provide you with a short test do get an overview  of what metabolic Type you are.

To be healthy and feeling your best it is important to eat the right diet for you. If you feel tired, hyper, or hungry soon after you eat, you have not found the right diet for your body type.

Here are some general recommendation I have found in my research to be very benefical to ones health:

1. Try to eat 51% of your food RAW – check these great raw recipies  Sabine teaches classes how to make delicious raw meals.
2. Eat lots of veggies  salads, organic if you can
3. Use healthy fats like olive oil for salads and coconut oil
4. Eat raw soaked nuts
5. Eliminate sugar and reduce grains in your diet, substitute with salads and vegetables, use coconut flour for baking etc.
6. If you eat meat choose organic grass fed beef and bison, and organic chicken
7. Eat fish which is high in Omega 3 fatty acid and low in heavy metals such as wild Alaskan Sockey salmon, mackerel, sardines etc. (limit tuna and other large fish because of toxic level Mercury)
8.  Drink at least 8 glasses of clean water
9. Supplement your diet with a good quality Krill oil, Astaxanthin, and a good whole food vitamin or green powder
10.  Sit down and enjoy your food.
Bonus:  SMILE

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