Why aren’t you successful?

kettle bell
Here are a few things I absolutely hate hearing: 

  • Coach why am I not good enough?
  • Why am I slow?
  • Why can’t I get stronger?
  • Is today’s workout going to be hard?
  • I can’t lift this.
  • This is going to suck.

As coaches we get sick and tired of hearing athletes use this kind of self-defeating language over and over.  Human beings are creatures of habit and athletes are no different than anybody else when it comes to programming themselves for either success or failure.  Why do you think successful players and coaches spend countless hours studying film so that the can pinpoint their opponents weaknesses?  In a sense, we watch “game film” every day at the gym in real time as our athletes go through their workouts, and in almost every case we’ve ever seen, when an athlete says “I can’t” before they run a drill or attempt a weight, they don’t succeed and their performance suffers.  Every now and then a kid will surprise himself because they haven’t realized how much they’ve grown or the potential they have inside, but 9 times out of 10 when you tell yourself you can’t do something you’re setting yourself up for failure, and here’s why.

Program yourself for success.

The same principle applies to women who want to get healthy and fit. If you don’t make good habits then it will certainly make to fat and unhealthy. Most of us specially females dream of having slim waist so that they can fit in their favorite dresses without looking fat. However to get in shape for women is marred by the fact that they don’t devote enough time to themselves instead spend most of it while caring for family.

I’m sure you’ve all heard Henry Ford’s famous quote about how the man who says “I can” and the one who says “I can’t” are both right.  Our minds can be our best friend and our most powerful weapon, or our worst enemy.  If someone has developed the right amount of mental toughness, they can keep pushing through the pain even when every cell in their body is screaming at them to stop.  This is what separates average athletes from champions.  You see this in other fields as well.  Many businessmen and women have left their jobs and risked everything to start their own hugely successful companies despite everyone telling them they were crazy for doing it.  In the military you have elite special forces units whose members were willing to endure massive amounts of physical and mental pain because they believed in themselves and could push past it.

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